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What is ONE VOICE?

Sharing love, joy, creativity, hope, dreams, aspirations and inspiration, questions and answers, wisdom and knowledge, experiences, and enlightenment with the greatest resource we have our voice!

One Voice is a blog for everyone to share their artwork, poetry,  stories and knowledge. Whether you’re sharing in happiness or from a challenging experience, all are welcome to share in One Voice. We want to hear from ordinary people with extraordinary gifts or experiences that heal our common wounds. We believe when we share our lives openly with others then our lives have an impact beyond what we could imagine. Let’s share with acceptance and love each other with compassion because the greatest voice of all is the voice yet to be heard (the voice in you) and this is the voice that can make great change!

Together, let’s grow in truth. Let’s not merely tolerate each other, but honor the divinity that is alive in light and love.

So if you’d like to participate all you simply have to do is click here, or click on the “Submit your voice here” button found below.

We look forward to reading your stories, philosophies, poetry and seeing your inspiring artwork!


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We want to hear from everyone. Simply click the link below and join in One Voice and help make the difference!

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