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Heal the Soul

Soul Healing
“Begin to see yourself as a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul.”  -Wayne Dyer

In the purest of spiritual terms the Soul is the unique essence of life and all life moves to the rhyme of Spirit. The Soul is our individual fingerprint – a soul print – within life. It adds a touch of vibrant color to the Spirit that can’t be replicated. When the mind identifies Soul and Spirit together, it will say, “I AM.”  When the mind speaks of the “I” in I am it identifies the uniqueness of the Soul. When it says “am,” it identifies the Spirit of life. The Soul moves when it the mind says, “am”. Together I AM is like a tree moving toward the sun. Like the tree, the soul also moves toward Spirit. It thrives on the light and love of Spirit. And it grows stronger when it feels the Spirit moving within. The Soul is nourished on Spirit and we nourish the Soul by honoring our uniqueness within the whole of life…(Read more about the Soul)

One person, one Soul at a time is all it takes to heal our common wounds. Please research below some spiritual practices that allow for healing of the Soul. For a full list of spiritual practices that heal the whole self, go to our Healing Resource page.

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