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Maple Farm Sanctuary

| July 8, 2012

Today I went and visited Maple Farm Sanctuary and fell in love with the animals there! I figured the best way to tell you about this Nonprofit is through a photo slideshow with captions since the animals say it all! Here we go! Or learn more here: Maple Farm Sanctuary Website

Please Remember to Practice Random Acts of Kindness Every Day!

| February 25, 2012

“You are here to serve others, to be a light for them, to participate in their lessons and to help heal humanity. You are also here to serve yourself, to heal your karma, to enable your soul’s growth and reconnect to the Source. Your challenge is to find a balance between serving others and yourself [...]

Religion and The Universal One

| December 14, 2011

In order for us to awaken to the Universal One, we need to call upon the religious teachers of the world to come together in a call of unity. Under one just and loving cause may they guide their followers through the doors of peace. It is when we learn to call on that peace [...]

Learning to Live as the Universal One

| December 5, 2011

We are the beginning of peace and the end of conflict We create conflict where conflict doesn’t naturally exists. The universe is never in conflict with itself. Conflict, all conflict, derives from our refusal to see, listen and from a lack of understanding that we are all one. When we see and hear others, and [...]