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The spiritual pursuit of eternal growth is found in four words

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Through healing our collective wounds we can heal the Heart of Humanity.

Welcome to the Universal One Healing. A site dedicated to nurturing the universal awakening of oneness. We are the current generation awakening the growing shift toward unified spiritual healing. It is a paradigm shift toward cooperation between all living beings and the living earth to restore and rejuvenate the natural and spiritual balance of wholeness and healing in divine love and acceptance.

This is a unique shift of enlightened learning and spiritual freedom. The Universal One was formed to help promote and encourage this shift toward unified healing and as this awakening grows so will the Universal One.

The Universal One was created with three goals:
-Help people discover and learn on their spiritual path
-Get people connected and sharing in spirit of unity
-Guide people toward healing our collective wounds through the power of One

These three goals are essential toward developing spiritual unity among us. The means through which human beings acquire spiritual understanding are diverse. There is no set path for everyone. And on the individual journey of one, many people find their paths merge and diverge with others. It is from this truth that we seek to provide a source of spiritual exploration that contains no judgment of the journey, only direction along the way. The purpose here is to enlighten the curious heart. And bring healing for every willing soul.

We’re achieving our goals through the essential idea that the spiritual pursuit of eternal growth is found in four words: discover, learn, connect and share –all within the power of One. By providing the resources to discover, learn, connect and share we aim to educate, inspire, and seek! Through education, inspiration, and the ability to seek out connections, we believe we can make a positive difference and evolve toward peaceful cohabitation with all life. This ability to make this difference is fundamental to our ultimate goal of universal unity.

Here is a list of a few of the features we offer:
-An ever expanding resource section
-A growing religious resource section with a worship directory
-A spiritual search directory where you can find healers and practitioners in your area.
-A non-profit section with a community search where you can find or share sponsorship
-A calendar of events where members can add their holistic, spiritual or non-profit events
-Forums, profiles, groups and direct messaging for members
-Create and add photo galleries to profiles and group forums
-The exclusive One Voice Blog for sharing your story, your views and your voice
-And much more coming soon, such as video embedding on your wall!

-To see a list of all the UOH features, please read the OUH Reference Guide here.

It’s our belief that by providing these services we will grow toward a better tomorrow and discover that through healing our collective wounds we will heal the Heart of Humanity.

We believe these wounds are caused by the deeper wound of division. In Mark 3:25 of the Bible, it says, “And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.” It is our time, time for humanity to stand up, not against the differences of our brothers and sisters, but with love and acceptance of our diverse nature.

After all, there is nothing more beautiful than a diverse world. There is nothing more splendid than a diverse people. And nothing, nothing at all can unite us more than the acceptance of truth and of knowing who we are in love! We are the generation we have been waiting for. A unified awakening is occurring. Together, we are the Universal One. Let’s co-create a better world.

The Universal One

Please take a minute to read a letter from our founder and our mission statement here.

A letter from our founder Christa A Lamb Read Our Mission Statement