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Heal the Body

“It takes more than just a good looking body. You’ve got to have the heart and soul to go with it.” – Lee Haney

We all know the benefits of exercise and proper nutrition is undeniable. When we eat healthy and stay active our bodies thrive. The body needs maintenance. It is the physical whole part to our spiritual life. We tend to avoid seeing our bodies in a spiritual sense, but the body is spiritual. It is not separate. The body is a whole part to the whole of life. Everything is interconnected. What I do to my body, I do to life. What I do to another I do to the whole of life and it will affect my body. Nothing is separate. Therefore, if we are going to heal we need to focus on our physical essence just as we would our non-physical selves. We need to honor our bodies.

From a spiritual sense, the body is impermanent. It’s fair to say that most religions believe the body does not exist as permanent. And any points of contention mainly come down to interpretation. For example, some Christians believe in the end of days the body will be resurrected. Equally, it is the belief of Muslims that they too will be reunited with their bodies again.

Scientifically, the body dies, but what is death? From a medical perspective, it would be the ceasing of the bodily life. The body is dead when it no longer promotes life and instead begins to break down into the dirt of life. In essence, it gives itself back to life. Up until this point, the body gives its life to us and we are meant to support it in the process of promoting life. Science and religion agree the body does not last forever. It’s an indisputable fact that your body will break down in this lifetime. This makes the body the most fragile part of our make up.

The bodily existence depends on how we treat it. If we honor the life it provides by providing it the best in life, our physical experience is harmonious. We will live in harmony with our body. To live in peace with our body should be our ultimate goal.

Giving to our body in love provides spiritual nourishment for it. Saying to our body, “I love you,” is saying to the Spirit of life, “Thank you for this gift.”

Give back to the body by treating it with reverence. Love your body and it will give you love back. And in this love we will gain the strength to provide for our selves and others on our journey in life.

One person, one body at a time is all it takes to heal our common wounds. Please research below some spiritual practices that allow for healing of the body. For a full list of spiritual practices that heal the whole self, go to our Healing Resource page.

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