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"Universal Peace Spiral" by artist Gregory Beylerian

Music lives in the heart of humans. And it moves us from the soul. Music inspires, unites, and echoes the call of man. The ability to share, create and connect by the sounds of music is truly the living voice of humanity. From the earliest days of our existence on earth, mankind has been one with music. The oldest musical instruments discovered to date were those of the Neanderthals. We have learned that they were playing the flute some 80-100,000 years ago. Today, these ancient flutes still speak to the spirit of man and help us discover our spiritual roots.

As Humans we have a strong connection to music. We feel it. There is something about the rhythm of tribal drums, or the melody of the flute that speaks to our primordial being. Especial in today’s society were most of what we see or perceive has been created out of the minds of men; mega cities that put Babylon to shame, financial monetary system of trade and banking that make rich men richer, and a world wide web of information at our finger tips; 3d Imax entertainment, smart phones, and I-pads to draw us into an ever growing illusion.

This world we have created is nothing like the natural world from which we were born. Yet, the world we created is just as real to us. We see it, and in our world we hear what we see. No matter how great the illusion if we see it, we will hear what we see. To us, seeing is believing, but is it? After all, magicians make a living fooling the eye.

Often times, it is discontentment and unhappiness that draw us out of this illusionary world. We desire relief and begin to awaken from the illusion. No longer relying on our eyes to see, we begin to feel the world around us and music often times becomes that connection. We begin to see what we feel, rather than feel what we see.

This is why music is so important to our spiritual growth. Music reverses the process of seeing first and feeling second. When we listen to music we hear what we feel. Feeling becomes first, awakening us to what we feel inside. It connects us to our spiritual roots. We were created to feel.

Music fills the gap between the world we created and the world we were born to create within. Hearing is the between. It is often the last sense to go before we pass on. It is our physical connection to the other side. Music connects hearing to spirit and sight to feeling. It is a powerful force in our spiritual growth and why music lives in the heart of human beings.


Discover music from around the world and learn how it connects us all as people. The spirit of music is the soul of life.

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Matt Harding spent 14 months traveling the world. He visited 42 countries, and met a cast of thousands. In his own words, Matt was “34-year-old deadbeat from Connecticut who used to think that all he ever wanted to do in life was make and play video games”. He achieved his goals and with money saved set out to travel the world. And by a suggestion from a friend to dance in his videos, this was born. Its a message to follow your dreams and live your life not in the pursuit of goals, but in the exploration of the life we have to live. We are one people experiencing one life through different perspectives, its understand each other’s perspective that makes us whole, and music fills in the gap.


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