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“It takes more than just a good looking body. You’ve got to have the heart and soul to go with it.” – Lee Haney

We all know the benefits of exercise and proper nutrition is undeniable. When we eat healthy and stay active our bodies thrive. The body needs maintenance. It is the physical whole part to our spiritual life. We tend to avoid seeing our bodies in a spiritual sense, but the body is spiritual. It is not separate. The body is a whole part to the whole of life. Everything is interconnected. What I do to my body, I do to life. What I do to another I do to the whole of life and it will affect my body. Nothing is separate. Therefore, if we are going to heal we need to focus on our physical essence just as we would our non-physical selves. We need to honor our bodies.

From a spiritual sense, the body is impermanent. It’s fair to say that most religions believe the body does not exist as permanent. And any points of contention mainly come down to interpretation. For example, some Christians believe in the end of days the body will be resurrected. Equally, it is the belief of Muslims that they too will be reunited with their bodies again…(Read More about the spiritual properties of the body)

One person, one body at a time is all it takes to heal our common wounds. Please research below some spiritual practices that allow for healing of the body. For a full list of spiritual practices that heal the whole self, go to our Healing Resource page.

Discover healing for the Body:

Massage Therapy Holistic Healing Reiki Healing
Chakra Balancing Aura Reading Intuitive Healing
Yoga Meditation Acupunture

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