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“Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold.”
-Leo Tolstoy

Religion holds the truth of humanity’s Spiritual existence. The record keeping for our spiritual growth can be found in our ancient sacred writings. We value our spiritual identity and honor the traditions we hold. After all, we are spiritual beings living within a physical existence and we crave that defining moment when the truth of who we are is verified through some form of an awakening. We want to know we are more than flesh and bone and at times we fear the uncertainty of that precious moment never coming to fruition. This is the struggle most of us will face. It is the conflict between faith and doubt. And for many of us, this is what drives us to search out truth…(Read More)

On this page search through and explore the religions of the past and present. Allow the truth of those religions to speak to your soul. Remember, what you seek won’t be found in what Man says, but in the love that is inspired in your heart through the Divine One. It is through the Spirit of divinity that all is revealed. The truth you desire, the confirmation of who you are, will be given to you when you let go of what you think is right and wrong, and instead reach for what is true. You will know truth when silence speaks and your mind submits to your heart, then your moment of certainty will bare its fruit and you will know your journey is real…

Learn. Love. Inspire…
… in One Truth.

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Wiccan in the MilitaryThe Wiccan Warriors
Article by E. Strauss
While attending the Pagan Pride Festival ’08 at Battery Park, in Manhattan, I saw a man wearing camouflaged pants and an ALICE pack harness. The camouflage was the new design, made of tiny blocks of pigments over beige rather than large splotchy colors on a green background. The way he looked and how he carried himself was that of an American Soldier. I went to talk with the man and explained how I would like to feature him in an article about being a Pagan soldier, he agreed to the interview under one condition. He didn’t want his name used, for fear of reprisal…(continue reading)