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List of Crystals

A list of crystals, their benefits and what the can be used for.

Aegerine- Broken Relationships / Personal strengthen / Psychic attacks
Agate- Helps Stress / Brings out latent Talents / Promotes marital fidelity
Amazonite- Aggravation / soothes nerves/ Enhances communication concerning love
Amber- Helps Choice making / Stimulates intellect /Brings good luck to warriors
Amethyst- Psychic / Meditation / Protects against anger, hate,envy and fear
Ammonite- Foundation / Structure in life / Depression / Relaxation
Apatite- Past life access/ Communication /Teaching /kundalini
Aquamarine- Courage / Mystic / Shields the aura
Aventurine- Anxiety / Fear / Leadership qualities
Azurite- Understanding the Spoken word / Enhances psychic ability
Bloodstone- Strong Healing Stone /Courage / stress / Friendship
Calcite- Channeling / Astral traveling / Arts / Sciences
Carnelian- Family Relationships / Increase physical energy /Protects against envy & fear
Celestite/Celestine- Dream Recall and understanding them / Mind/Intellect / Contains wisdom
Chlorite- Aura Cleanser
Citrine- Brings money / Brings happiness& laughter
Dioptase- Helps Oppressed feeling / Heals the earth / Calming energy
Feldspar- Self Awareness / Helps to find missing items
Fluroite- Brings order to chaos /Strong heal stones /Concentration
Garnet- Kundalini /Stone of health
Gold- Honor and wealth / Helps frustration
Gysum/Desert rose- Luck /Used by native American Indians / For people living in the fast lane
Hematite- The Mind /Endurance / Memory enhancement
Herkimer- Attuning with oneself or another / Inner wisdom
Jade- Dream work / Self Confidence /Inspiration /work in spiritual world
Jasper- Astral work / Protection /Accept responsibility
Kunzite- Removes Obstacles / Makes good pendulum
Kyanite- Brings powerful energy / No cleansing need / Aligns chakras with no effort
Labradorite- Brings Intuition into mental thought for understanding
Lapi lazuli- Awareness / Helps Stargate work
Lepidolite- Helps Adapt to Change / aids business
Magnesite- Promotes dynamic ideas / Eliminates self deceit
Malachite- Helps physical pain / Attains Goals
Moonstone- Working with Universe and universal laws
Obsidan- Grounding / protection / scrying /Mirror magic
Ocean Jasper- Brings out very deep routed emotions
Opal- Brings Beauty,Power and Luck/ promotes happy dreams
Peridot- Regulates life cycles / Provides a shield around the body
Petrified Wood- Worries / Grounding / copping in a crisis/ Understanding Suffering
Pyrite- Protects Against Danger / Enhance memory
Quartz- Amplifies Energy / Gives Clarity / Mother of all stones /energizer
Quartz Aperture- Seer stone past, present, Future
Quartz Barnacle- Meditation/ Family/ Teacher
Quartz Black phantom- Grounding
Quartz Bridge- Metaphysical / Public Speaking
Quartz Carved Natural- Extraterrestrial / Information
Quartz Channeling- Mystic / wisdom
Quartz Chlorite Phantom- One of the most powerful stones in the universe
Quartz Cluster- Purifying Cleansing
Quartz Colored phantom- See index Meaning
Quartz Convoluted- Gaining Universal Energy
Quartz Double Terminated- Protects mental and physical
Quartz Key- Open doors to Knowledge and Wisdom
Quartz Manifestation- Manifesting ones life/ Meditation
Quartz Phantom- See Index Meaning
Quartz Rainbow- Brings Gifts
Quartz Record Keeper- Contains Knowledge and wisdom
Quartz Right Handed- Right Brain
Quartz Sceptre- Power / Emotions
Quartz Self Healed- Self Healing
Quartz Tabby- Activate other crystals
Quartz Transmitter- Transmits energy, Clarity and Knowledge
Quartz Twin- Relationships / soul mate
Quartz Window- Self image
Rhodonite- Activates unconditional Love / Assist achieving potential /Dispel chaos
Rose quartz- Brings Love;Peace and calm / A must stone for everyone
Ruby- Protects Against Nightmares /Stone of nobility /discourages violence
Rutile- Repels Negative energy’s / marriages / relationships
Sapphire- Prosperity / Brings peace of mind
Septerye- Business success / Telepathy / New ideas
Serpentine- Working with Kundalini / chakras
Silver- Improves Speech / Mirrors the soul /Increase perception
Smokey Quartz- Business success /Dissolves negativity / Balances sexual energy
Sodalite- Logical thought / Good for computers / Cellphones
Sugilite- Forgiveness / love stone of new age
Tiger eye- Wealth/Depression/Grounding/All round stone
Topaz- Joy / Creativity / Visualization during mediation
Tourmaline- Strengthen / Projection / Fear /Laughter
Turquoise- Communication / Develops natural powers / grounding stones
Unakite- Helps locate connection between thought and physical illnesses
Verdite- Access information from ancient ones

4 Responses to “List of Crystals”

  1. Taylor McLeod says:

    thans for all of the crystals. I had to do a powerpoint on all the crystals I knew about and I didnt now about any of them or the names of them. :)

  2. ann grant says:

    hi loved you bit on the crystles tryed to share it to my facebook page so i did not have to wright it all out but it would not do it can you share it with me love the info thanks bless

  3. Kally says:

    I found this website not very helpful. It gave me not just types of crystals ( minerals ) and I only needed crystals and I had to figure out witch one is a mineral or crystal. I’m mad!!!!!!!!!

  4. Lenster says:

    Thank You! I was writing about gems, so I needed them. :)

    Sincerely, Lenster

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