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Angel Readings

Click here to learn more about the Angels“>Angel readingsAngel Readings have been around for a while. If you’ve never had one it’s an experience worth trying at least once in your life. There are two ways to have a reading. One way is to go buy a deck of Angel Cards and do a reading on your self. The second is to have someone, who has formed a stronger connect with their Guardian Angel/ Spirit Guide do a reading for you. This is especially good if you haven’t started the process of getting in touch with your Guardian Angel.

What happens in an Angel Reading is the deck of cards gets shuffled until there’s an intuitive feeling that the deck is in order: the cards that need to be pulled will get pulled. The intuitive (person doing the reading) then lays out the cards in order to read them. It’s important to point out that not all intuitive card readers lay the cards out the same. Some have a very structured order. Others just lay them out the way they are being told.

Once the cards are ready the intuitive will begin the reading. In the reading, it’s not so much what the cards say, but the feelings and messages being given in relation to the cards. Think of it this way, the cards are just prompts that trigger thoughts and feelings. They are like little reminders of what needs to be said, sort of like street signs that tell you which direction to go. All the Intuitive is doing is reading the signs so that the messages you need to hear from the other side come through.

After the cards are read, the intuitive may have more messages for you. Often times angels don’t tell you what you want to know, but what you need to know. You may not even know you needed to hear it, but the message stays with you and days, months, even years later you realize why it was so important to hear!

Angels love us. If there is a universal message the Angels have it is to let us know we’re not alone on this journey through life. They are right here waiting to help us grow into loving spiritual beings! What they see in us is the beauty in ourselves that we often overlook!

Possible Benefits:
o Help us learn to see ourselves in a positive light
o Develop a closer connection to our Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides
o Develop a stronger intuitive connection to the other side
o Help direct us toward positive decisions in life
o Help heal deep spiritual wounds
o Find our spiritual path in our life
o Establish a connection with loved ones on the other side

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